6 Tips to Stay Healthy in 2016

Your doctor’s advice often tailors your New Year resolution, so we went and asked Mumbai’s top health practitioners for their best tips. While we were at it, we also asked them how they’d want to change their own lives. Here’s what they had to say! Dr. Kiran Coelho, Gynaecologist I am a workaholic. For the […]

Some tips for your Closet’s look (17 Photos)

It’s bulky sweater season which means that you need all the room in your closet that you can possibly find. All of those warm, winter clothes take up a bunch of space, so finding a way to organize your space more efficiently is a must.

20 Best and Simple Tips for Healthy Life

It’s all about career and success these days. No matter what we achieve, it’s never enough, we always strive for more. It’s all good as long as we don’t forget ourselves and our loved ones. Sadly, that’s rarely the case.