Funny Photo Series of Dogs Can Fly By Claudio Piccoli (10 Pics)

Do dogs dream of flying? Cats most certainly do – the sky is full of crunchy snacks – but what’s in it for a dog? Nevertheless, Claudio Piccoli takes pictures of flying dogs. Or dogs that jumped real high in pursuit of frisbees. Late at night, you can hear whispers in the kennels telling the […]

A Dog Learning to run with her New Prosthetic Legs (13 Photos)

Earlier this week we posted this video about a dog learning to run with her new prosthetic legs. We dug a little deeper and discovered the dog’s name is Daisy Underbite and her Instagram is full of the most adorable pictures. She also has anonline store where you can buy shirts made with her photos.

10 Most Expensive Dog Of All Time

Tibetan Mastiff is the world’s Most Expensive Dog. It bought in $1.6 million. However, this is not the only pricey breed. We have searched out nine other valuable dogs. If you want to adopt, the Most Expensive Dog then just needs check it out these lovely dogs.

The Very Beary Teddy Dog- Tonkey gains fame on Instagram


Although her owner, Christine Park from Edmonton, Canada may have created Tonkey’s Instagram account to attract more friends by posting the cute dog’s pictures. But this adorable star is the cutest teddy bear Shar Pei one can own.

Lorraine Loots Miniature Art in 365 Days

Lorraine Loots a Cape Town-based artist create miniature painting in 365 days he worked for the entire year on each calendar day. Loots’ work is inspired by animals, nature, books and food. She began her art challenge, on the beginning of 2013 and till she has continued doing her mini art.