Why You Should Embrace Your Oddities

Have you been on a flight and someone slurped their soup loudly? Not just once, but for an entire 10 minutes. You might offer words like uncouth to describe someone’s behavior, but to them, while doing it, it is relatively normal. There are equally situations that you’ve been where someone has deemed your speech or way of doing this different or called them “weird.” If you’ve been told more than a handful of times, it is then understandable if you’re self-conscious.

Being called weird or odd has a stigma attached to it, and we’re here to pop it for you.

It doesn’t all have to be cool; we’re all flawed

While slurping soup is an extreme example, it’s okay if what makes you odd doesn’t make you stand out positively. Some narratives state that what makes you weird is a superpower. Though the aim is to encourage us, it can wrap our sense of who we are. We have amazing things about is, and we have others that we’d do well to change. Therefore, learn to distinguish the weird parts of you that are useful and make a difference, like being super flexible or intelligent. As for flaring nostrils, those make for good comedy, and that’s okay.

No one is normal

Segments from Vanity Fair and other shows have shown us that celebrities can be weird. Someone making petals with their tongue or rotting their ears are all unique qualities to have. There are those who are more honest in their socials, and let you know that they too do weird things. Their reason is that so they can relate to their fans and take themselves off a pedestal. Rest assured that even the person you admire most has some odd things about them. Therefore, there is no such thing as normal.

They remember you Imagine dealing with a family law sub professor that had the habit of tapping his pen when we laughed at his jokes. Years down the like, who will you remember more; the sub or the actual professor? Apart from being engrained in someone’s memory, it’s a fantastic feeling to know what we can become part of someone’s life through their narrative. Next time you want to muffle your quirky laugh, don’t.

It gives you more reason to practice self-acceptance

There are odd things about you that you might never be able to change; same with your flaws and weaknesses. While’s what you can do to mitigate some of them, being okay with being called weird should reinforce your self-acceptance muscle. That lets you focus on things that you do have the power to change because they matter.

Wrap up

We’re in an era where more people are speaking out against being boxed into societal molds. They are realizing that what makes us difference shouldn’t be shunned but embraced. There are too many of us walking around with low self-esteem because others made us feel out of place for aspects of us we have no control over. Take back your power by noting everything weird or odd about you and owning it.


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