15 Of The World’s Most Unusual Professions

There are lots of people who prepare all their lives for a challenging profession that brings both financial rewards as well as job satisfaction together.

They go to school, and often do internships, and after that enter into the workforce well prepared.  There are lots of people who do strange, and honestly we can say shocking Unusual Professions. These people are undoubtedly creative who have chosen these type of unusual work to earn their living.

Here are fifteen World’s Most Unusual Professions of them:

1. Toque Administrator


The most recent craze in Mexico is to pay a toque head for giving you a gentle electrical shock. For this, the administrator uses a box that contains batteries and a transformer for administrating the shocks to people. Also, this each shock costs approximately three dollars. Fans claim that these shocks provide a charge of adrenalin and enable them to enjoy their life in a better way.

2. Stress Coach/Human Punching Bag


The sultan’s thrashing boy, for helping his clients relieve their stress. Clients often tie a photo of their worst enemy. It may be their boss or an abusive spouse on his face. For this, they pay a huge fee to beat him with their fists. They even throw eggs, water balloons, cake at him. Some of them simply yell at him. Some clients also select their favorite music to get over their fear of real-life bullies.

3. Iceberg Mover


Icebergs can cause tragic accidents.  So that oil companies has devised a way to remove this Iceberg from their rigs’ ways. Iceberg mover uses a specially-constructed tugboat, to circle the iceberg with a huge rope, and then moves it vetoes a safe location. Icebergs can spin during the towing process.

4. Professional Camp Luggage Organizer


This is a job for pampered children of midtown Manhattan. This job will undoubtedly shock you.  Children of Wealthy parents who bound for summer camp. They pay the organizers an enormous amount of up to $1000 per child to pack the suitcase of their little darlings’ belongings into their an arrangement that looks like a neat-freak masterpiece.

5. Oshiya


In city life, there are crowded buses, subways, and trains. In Japan, people hire particular workers, called oshiyas, to push people into the trains, mostly during peak traffic hours. The usual workforce in this sector is of students who are looking to earn extra cash.

6. Human Scarecrow


“How are you going to keep them down on the farm once they’ve seen Paris,” an old song used to croon. The answer? Hire them to become human scarecrows.

Innovative farmers who want to keep away birds from damaging their crops uses the concept of a live scarecrow. When the traditional variety was not doing the job. Workers wear bright clothes themselves and play loud instruments to scare the birds and keep them away.

7. Professional Hitchhiker


In Indonesian cities, roads are so crowded thats why government selected certain zones that only could use by cars who carries three or more passengers. So the hitchhikers, offer their service to the passenger in exchange for money. However, unfortunately, the police, have caught these hitchhikers, because of their illegal practice. The professional hitchhikers can surmount these obstacles. They and their employers tell the traffic cops that they are their relatives, acquaintances, or friends. The loophole in the law helps these hitchhikers to retain their jobs and helps their employers get to theirs on time.

8. Pet Food Taster


Pet food tasters are those who have advanced degrees of tasting Fido’s food. They can evaluate the food for improved flavor suitability for each type of animal. Moreover, can determine the nutritional value of the food. Tasters usually spit out the food after tasting them.

9. Odor Tester


Another shocking profession is the odor tester. It would be a decent way to sniff the products. Such as mouthwashes, deodorants, and perfumes. It is only a small part of their job. They must also sniff the parts of people’s bodies wearing the substance.

10. Snake Milker


Drug companies use poisonous snakes to create the anti-poison. For extracting this poison, pharmaceutical companies hire professional snake milker who induces the snake to bite on a jar i.e. covereded with rubber or other material. Its fangs can penetrate. The snake milker then collects the poison. That is also used to make medicines.

11. Chicken Sexer


It is hard to recognize the gender of the baby. Since only hens lay eggs, egg producers do not want to buy many male chickens. So these Chicken Sexer help to choose only female chicks to purchase.

12. Professional Sleeper


There are lots of people who have slept apnea and other sleep disorders. To solve this problem, they hire professional sleepers. These Professional Sleepers uses machines that measure vital signs and monitor symptoms as they get sleepy. Professional sleepers are also employed by hotels to evaluate their beds and mattresses as the measurement of comfort and the rooms for an atmosphere favorable to sleep.

13. Professional Mourner


In certain cultures, a funeral is a big deal. So if there are not enough family and friends who have outlived their loved one, the remaining family hire professional mourners to the grievance for the departed.

14. Professional Cuddler


Scientists have revealed that human touch helps to release serotonin hormone that helps to build resistance to infections. That helps the body to fight off other diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. Professional cuddlers provide the service for approximately $35 and remain fully clothed during the cuddling session.

15. Human Prop


One of the best Unusual Professions in the list is a human prop. Because vacant homes are hard, sell for the high price. So that people hire Human Prop who lived-in homes and keep the home clean and give a comfortable, lived-in look.


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