The Very Beary Teddy Dog- Tonkey gains fame on Instagram


Although her owner, Christine Park from Edmonton, Canada may have created Tonkey’s Instagram account to attract more friends by posting the cute dog’s pictures. But this adorable star is the cutest teddy bear Shar Pei one can own. Christina, 26 and her boyfriend, Dave own this 4 months old bear-coat pup alone with her sister dog, Maxi. The pup already has 18,000 followers on Instagram and 5,564 likes on Facebook.

Like this wasn’t enough, people have started celebrating Tonkey Tuesdays on Imgur. Her owner states in her Bored Panda post that she merely started the account to attract friends for herself, not for Tonkey. But it is as though she created a famed Frankenstein monster and the fluffball stole her thunder and left a not so known Victor alone in the shadows.

The couple from China own a home building company called SWISH developments and love Maxi and Tonkey as their own children.

Christine also told Buzzfeed in an interview that Tonkey loves to be around Maxi and cuddles her while sleeping. They have become BFFs.
She also added that bear-coat Shar Peis are extremely rare which makes Tonkey very special. Their fuzzy features are caused due to a recessive gene that both the parents carry.

Her cuteness is certainly taking internet by the storm as her owner keeps on sharing her escapades with the fans. From fetching a ball to winking eye to playing hide and seek, she is a fluffball of unfettered cuteness.

A pure bred Shar Pei or a teddy bear?







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