Toilets that will make you drop your Jaw (15 Photos)

It’s 2016, and it’s about time everyone the world over had access to a toilet. But although some parts of the world still need to make giant strides in this direction, we found this collection of some of the most fascinating loos from around the world. Definitely interesting, definitely creative, take a look!

1. These urinals in a public toilet in Paris are inspired by the Rolling Stones lips, but there’s an innuendo here somewhere!

Pic 1

2. Mirror reflection of toilets at Yanggakdo International Hotel in Pyongyang, the second tallest building in North Korea! As you can see they received great bathroom tiling advice.

Pic 2

3. Yup, this public toilet in Beijing looks like an insect! Why? Because it’s China.

Pic 3

4. This bathroom in a luxury apartment in Hong Kong, China, is more lavish and better equipped than some entire houses!

Pic 4

5. A loo with a view! Think deep thoughts while taking a crap at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica, California.

Pic 5

6. Do you really need a travelator to a toilet? If you’re in a hurry, shouldn’t you be running? Oh wait that’s not an option.

Pic 6

7. This glass cubicle toilet in a garden in Itabu railway station near Tokyo is a bit too risque if you ask us. The local media has dubbed it “the world’s most spacious public toilet”.

Pic 7

8. If you ever wondered what a designer toilet looks like, this is it. Oh and it was designed by Jade Jagger, daughter of Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger.

Pic 8

9. Why you need four mannequins decked in racy outfits in a men’s loo is something that can only be answered by the good folks at Sao Joao da Madeira Shopping Centre in northern Portugal, where this public restroom exists.

Pic 9

10. A convex mirror so you don’t bump into others who might be looking to use the rest room at Snaresbrook Underground tube station in London.

Pic 10

11. Yes, this is a house in South Korea. Yes, it looks like a toilet seat.

Pic 11

12. Not the entry to an amusement park, but a public restroom in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Pic 12

13. A giant pot-shaped slide at an exhibition in Tokyo simulates the path poop takes to the sewers. You can now throw up.

Pic 13

14. Thankfully this is a one-way mirror at the urinal in Streeter’s Tavern in Chicago, Illinois, United States!

Pic 14

15. Follow the signs. Because you don’t want to end up in the wrong loo.

Pic 15

via – indiatimes


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