This is One of the Most Incredible Things I’ve Ever Seen

Have you ever seen the stunts done by fearless people. We call them Daredevils, who try things and don’t even think about it. Here are few crazy, bold and odd people.

Jonathan Trappe Attempts Cluster Balloon Flight Record

Cluster Balloonist Jonathan Trappe takes to the skies in Raleigh, North Carolina. Fearless daredevil Jonathan Trappe is preparing to become the first man to cluster balloon across the English Channel. Inspired by men like aviation pioneer Louis Bleriot, Jonathan will attach a custom built chair to 57 colourful helium filled balloons. take off from England and attempt to cross the 22-mile waterway to France.


Trappe geared up for the Channel crossing with a record-breaking test flight dangling 7,000 feet up for a whole day and night in Raleigh Executive Jet Port in North Carolina. Spending 14 hours, Jonathan flew for 109 miles. Constantly monitored from below by his team, led by his girlfriend, Jonathan has been cluster ballooning for only four years.

Baumgartner Attempt The First Unpowered Crossing Of The Strait Between England And France


Felix Baumgartner, world-renowned B.A.S.E jumper, is pictured in this undated handout photo. Baumgartner will attempt the first unpowered crossing of the strait between England and France. Sometime between 27-31 July when the weather conditions are ideal, he will free fall from 9,000 metres above sea level at temperatures of minus 55 degrees with nothing more than a 1.80 metres carbon fibre wing and his parachute.



International judges surround Cuban free-diver Jorge Mario Garcia (C) during his successful attempt to break the world-record in Apnea diving, by reaching 68 meters depth, offshore the Marina Hemingway, on May 18, 1995, in Havana, Cuba. Garcia, a free-diving and spear fishing expert, broke his first Apnea world record in 1989 and in succession he broke the world record for constant ballast diving 9 times.

Aerialist Philippe Petit, best known for his unauthorized 19


Aerialist Philippe Petit, best known for his unauthorized 1974 walk between the twin towers of the World Trade Center, dazzled a crowd of about 2,500 lunch-hour spectators today as he walked a 200-foot-long wire strung between the New York State Theater and Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center. He paused at one point to sit 80 feet above the ground and pour himself a glass of bubbly and to toast the crowd. The daredevil’s exhibition was performed as part of the France Salutes New York Festival.

Elderly Man Walks Over Thames River


German high wire performer Karl Wallenda, aged 71, walks across a 120-yard cable over the Thames River near Tower Bridge, London, England, November 23, 1976. Halfway across he stopped and stood on his head.

Breathe In

Fakir Mirah Soumak

Fakir Mirah Soumak bears the weight of a Citroen DS, complete with passengers, as it drives over his stomach in the Grande Place, Brussels, Belgium.

Nickolas Piantanida


Parachute jumper Nick Piantanida preparing for initial ascent during attempt to break free-fall record with a jump of 123,800 feet.


Down The Pan


Norberti, nephew of Grock, the celebrated Swiss clown, demonstrating his remarkable contortionist’s skills.

Facial distortion of volunteer in 300-mp


Facial distortion of volunteer in 300-mph wind bail-out experiment conducted by US Navy recorded by high speed exposure.

Weight Balance

Sergeant Gander


60-year-old Sergeant Gander, a bus driver and member of the 14th Sussex-Hove Battalion Home Guard, demonstrates his ability to balance a 130lb bar and discs on top of his head.

Carrying A Tune


A circus strongwoman balances a piano and pianist on her chest, circa 1920.

So, how did you like them .. the real people doing Stunts like Daredevils.


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