The Weirdest Christmas Gifts ever (18 Photos)

Goodwill is kind of a Christmasy place when you think about it. Whether you want to give away some of your old things to the poor, or you’re looking for a last minute entry for your office’s gift exchange, Goodwill has you covered.

But one thing that you should keep in mind is that there’s often a reason why people give their belongings to Goodwill. Some items are creepy, and some are just gross. Here are some of the weirdest things that people have found at Goodwill, the true Island of Misfit Toys.

1. A legless baby in a jar for when your nativity scene needs more edge and fewer limbs.

Pic 1

2. This is apparently a portrait of two Chicago cops on their way to a costume party.

Pic 2

3. Looks like Ariel and Flounder need to lay off the burritos and brews.

Pic 3

4. Gary seems like the Dwight Schrute of his office.

Pic 4

5. Something tells me that this isn’t a reference to the backyard.

Pic 5

6. No one thought that a crucified Elmo would scare away customers?

Pic 6

7. The safest way to have sex.

Pic 7

8. The war on Christmas has gone TOO FAR this time.

Pic 8

9. Are commemorations really in order for a guy who’s famous for killing 100,000 people in his castle?

Pic 9

10. George Washingcat.

Pic 10

11. Rare photo from Nicholas Cage’s childhood.

Pic 11

12. This thing is FILLED with worms and black magic.

Pic 12

13. I know this is fake, but what psycho made it?

Pic 13

14. I’m surprised that no child wanted to care for a gamma-rayed baby.

Pic 14

15. I don’t like this lion. Not at all.

Pic 15

16. I hope this is the “throw into a fire” bin.

Pic 16

17. He died as he lived.

Pic 17

18. Even the dog knows he’s up to no good.

Pic 18

via – viralnova


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