The Real Birth Names of the Popular Hollywood Stars (25 pics)

Tom Cruise – Thomas Cruise Mapother IV

the_real_birth_names 1

Truman Capote – Truman Streckfus Persons

the_real_birth_names 2

Mindy Kaling – Vera Mindy Chokalingam

the_real_birth_names 3

Marilyn Monroe – Norma Jean Mortensen

the_real_birth_names 4

Harry Houdini – Ehrich Weiss

the_real_birth_names 5

Iggy Azalea – Amethyst Kelly

the_real_birth_names 6

Jack White – John Anthony Gillis

the_real_birth_names 7

Jackie Chan – Chan Kong-sang

the_real_birth_names 08

Larry King – Lawrence Harvey Zeigler

the_real_birth_names 8

Marilyn Manson – Brian Hugh Warner

the_real_birth_names 10

Winona Ryder – Winona Laura Horowitz

the_real_birth_names 11

However, Mitch Ryder is a stage name too. His real name is William S. Levise, Jr.

the_real_birth_names 12

Gene Simmons – Chaim Witz

the_real_birth_names 13

Prince – Prince Roger Nelson

the_real_birth_names 14

Nikki Minaj – Onika Tanya Maraj

the_real_birth_names 15

Spike Lee – Shelton Lee

the_real_birth_names 16

Stevie Wonder – Steveland Judkins

the_real_birth_names 17

Tiger Woods – Eldrick Tont Woods

the_real_birth_names 18

Steven Tyler – Steven Tallarico

the_real_birth_names 19

Albert Brooks – Albert Einstein

the_real_birth_names 20

Audrey Hepburn – Edda Kathleen van Heemstra Hepburn-Ruston

the_real_birth_names 21

Blake Lively – Blake Ellender Brown

the_real_birth_names 22

Bob Dylan – Robert Allen Zimmerman

the_real_birth_names 23

Freddie Mercury – Farrokh Bulsara

the_real_birth_names 24

Elton John – Reginald Kenneth Dwight

the_real_birth_names 25

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