The cat that always has his tongue out for best picture(20 Photos)

Mr. Magoo is a midnight tabby that has a slightly misaligned lower jaw. The result is a tongue that is constantly sticking out. Despite his disability, Magoo seems to be healthy and full of life. Follow Mr. Magoo on Instagram and Facebook.

magoo-the-cat 1

magoo-the-cat 2

magoo-the-cat 3

magoo-the-cat 4

magoo-the-cat 5

magoo-the-cat 6

magoo-the-cat 7

magoo-the-cat 8

magoo-the-cat 9

magoo-the-cat 10

magoo-the-cat 11

magoo-the-cat 12

magoo-the-cat 13

magoo-the-cat 14

magoo-the-cat 15

magoo-the-cat 16

magoo-the-cat 17

magoo-the-cat 18

magoo-the-cat 19

magoo-the-cat 20

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