The Actors Who Used These Famous Mask in Movies (17 Photos)

Take a look at the actors who brought these unforgettable characters to life.

Pennywise – Tim Curry

Mask 1

Dick Durock – Swamp Thing

Mask 2

Boba Fett – Jeremy Bulloch

Mask 3

Original Jason – Ari Lehman

Mask 4

Pumpkinhead – Tom Woodruff Jr.

Mask 5

The Collector – Juan Fernandez de Alarcon

Mask 6

Predator – Kevin Peter Hall

Mask 7

The Gimp – Stephen Hibbet

Mask 8

Xenomorph- Bolaji Badejo

Mask 9

Darth Vader – David Prowse

Mask 10

Freddy Krueger – Robert England

Mask 11

Leatherface – Gunnar Hansen

Mask 12

Jason – Kane Hodder

Mask 13

Ghostface – Dane Farwell

Mask 14

Monster Squad Mummy – Michael Reid Mackay

Mask 15

Wolfman – Lon Chaney Jr.

Mask 16

Michael Myers – Tony Moran

Mask 17

via – ebaumsworld


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