Sweary Word Coloring Book In 2016 (12 Photos)

It’s no secret that lately adult coloring books have been taking over bookstores. Most of them are very detailed and sophisticated, even spiritual. But Sarah Bigwood, a 30-year-old artist from UK, known as PixieRah Design, has taken a whole different approach – relaxation by coloring… swear words.

Sarah’s book, called “Sweary Colouring Book,” consists of 20 different swear words, from the generic “F*ck,” to more specific ones like “C*nt Wanker” – you can definitely find something suitable for the occasion. And many people already have.

Although the artist planned it to be a less mainstream project, released only in a digital format, the book had attained so much attention, that she had to make a physical version of it. And it’s been a great success so far – she has received 13,710 pounds on her Kickstarter campaign and now offers the pre-sale on her Etsy.

More info: Etsy | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram (h/t: distractify)

Swear-Word 1

Swear-Word 2

Swear-Word 3

Swear-Word 4

Swear-Word 5

Swear-Word 6

Swear-Word 7

Swear-Word 8

Swear-Word 9

Swear-Word 10

Swear-Word 11

Swear-Word 13

via – boredpanda


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