Some tips on how you might actually survive a Plane Crash (10 Photos)

The fear of being in a plane crash is very real for many people. Some straight-up never get on an airplane because of the phobia. Even though plane crashes are far less likely than car crashes, it’s still something that terrifies people.

So, in the (very, very) unlikely event that you are on a plane that is going down, here are some tips on how you might actually survive the catastrophic event.

1. Recognize that you’ve got 90 seconds.

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Once a plane has crashed, you only have about 90 seconds to get out of there alive. Most people who survive a plane crash are amazed that they’ve survived and remain complacent. This is wrong. It only takes about 90 seconds for the fire that inevitably happens after a crash to engulf the structure and everything inside.

2. Remember the plus three/minus eight rule.

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Plus three/minus eight refers to the first three minutes after a plane takes off and the last eight minutes before a plane lands. This is when nearly 80% of plane crashes occur, so it’s important for you to remain vigilant during these times.

3. Fly in big planes.

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When a larger airplane crashes, you are subject to less deadly force due to the machine’s size. A smaller plane’s impact is far more dangerous than a larger one’s. Plus, the pilots of larger planes are usually more experienced.

4. Know the five-row rule.

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Studies show that it’s best if you seat yourself within five rows of an emergency exit. Anything farther than that, and your chances of survival drop. It’s also better if you have an aisle seat because it’s easier to escape.

5. Get fit.

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It’s important to be in good shape in the event of a crash because studies show that young, fit males are the most likely to survive a plane crash. Older, overweight women have the least likely odds of surviving. Being lean and fit helps you navigate the plane with ease, plus you can move blockages if there are any.

6. Read the safety instructions.

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Those things aren’t on the plane for show. It’s important to knowexactly where the exits are, how to put an oxygen mask on, and what part of the plane floats. So listen to the flight attendants and read those safety cards.

7. Know how to assume the brace position.

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This might seem silly in the event of a plane crash, but the brace position dramatically reduces the likelihood of your head slamming into anything or limbs flailing and getting hurt. It should go without saying, too, but keep your seatbelt fastened. It is designed to withstand over 3,000 pounds of force.

8. Don’t get lazy — come up with a plan.

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It turns out, our brains are designed to think that everything is normal and predictable. When that’s not the case, it takes a while for our noggins to jump into action. To overcome this, formulate a plan of escape every time you fly. How many rows away from an exit are you, how will you get to it in the event of an emergency, what potential roadblocks could be in the way, etc.

9. Put your oxygen mask on immediately.

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Once that thing drops, you need to get it on your face. Planes are pressurized so we can breathe normally that high in the sky, but if a plane loses pressure, you lose your ability to breathe. Just a few seconds without oxygen can cause mental impairment.

10. Forget your personal belongings.

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You’d be surprised to hear that a lot of people in a plane crash first look around to grab their luggage before escaping. Forget the luggage! You can buy more stuff later…when you’re alive. You only have a few seconds to get out of a plane, so leave that stuff behind, grab your kids and loved ones, and head for that exit!

(via Art Of Manliness)

This information will definitely up your chances of surviving a terrible plane crash. Just remember, it’s highly unlikely that you will be involved in a crash, but on the off chance you are, it’s good to know what to do.

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