Every Kid Should have A Pet And Here’s Why They Need it (19 Photos)

I could talk for hours about how cute kids are…but they’re also a handful and have seemingly endless amounts of energy.

I could also ramble on and on about how great it is to adopt a pet.

But what happens when you combine the two things? Well, for one, the cuteness levels increase exponentially (kids + pets = adorable overload), but let’s look at the other reasons you need to get a pet for your little one:

1. They see no size nor species — just love.

Pic 2

2. A lap dog is a lap dog is a lap dog.

Pic 3

3. They can teach them that differences are beautiful — and maybe not so different after all.

Pic 4

4. Dress up is always way cooler with a bud.

Pic 5

5. They’re always keeping watch, even when it’s a little unnecessary.

Pic 6

6. It doesn’t take long — like, less than 20 minutes — to become besties.

Pic 7

7. They learn that sharing (chew toys) is caring.

Pic 8

8. They teach you to stop and smell the flowers.

Pic 9

9. They’ll always let the little one win.

Pic 10

10. They’re always there to lend a helping paw.

Pic 11

11. They’re always good for a great belly laugh.

Pic 12

12. But they’re also good for those deep, meaningful chats, too.

Pic 13

13. Nap time is WAY better with a friend.

Pic 14

14. So many cuddles.

Pic 16

15. They’ll always have a friend who’s willing to binge Netflix.

Pic 16

16. With a furry friend, everyone can be a Disney princess or prince.

Pic 17

17. Discovering new things — like snow or the mailman — is always more exciting.

Pic 19

18. No matter how old they may grow, they’re always up for an adventure.

Pic 20

19. Chores become playtime.

Pic 21

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