Some Phobias Names You Probably Never Knew (16 Photos)

Glossophobia- The fear of speaking in public. Statistics say it’s the #1 phobia of Americans.

phobias names 1

Politicophobia- The fear or abnormal dislike of politicians

phobias names 2

Lockiophobia- the fear of childbirth. If you don’t suffer from this, you’re probably a man.

phobias names 3

Ophthalmophobia- The fear of being stared at

Macrophobia- The fear of long waits


phobias names 5

Macrophobia- The fear of long waits


phobias names 6

Nyctohylophobia- The fear of dark wooded areas at night. If you don’t have this fear, you’ve probably never seen a horror movie.


phobias names 7

Metathesiophobia- A fear of change

Athazagoraphobia- The fear of being forgotten, abandoned, or ignored.

phobias names 9

Gerascophobia- The fear of growing old

phobias names 10

Blennophobia- The fear of slime. I doubt Nickelodeon employees have this one.


phobias names 11

Hellenologophobia- The fear of Greek terms or difficult scientific terminology

Kakorrhaphiophobia-The fear of failure or defeat. If you have this fear don’t even bother pronouncing that word. You’ll probably fail.


phobias names 13

Obesophobia- The fear of gaining weight


phobias names 14

Anuptaphobia- The fear of staying single forever

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Syngenesophobia- A fear of relatives… do you think they have any meds to combat the holidays?


phobias names 16

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