Some Laughable Laws you have Probably Broken (8 Photos)

Well you’re all officially criminals, congratulations.

In Oregon or Minneapolis, it’s illegal to towel dry your dishes. You’ve got to let those suckers drip dry, and no one knows why.

Laws 1

In some states, you can’t possess permanent markers in public. This was put in effect to stop graffiti, so make sure you hide your markers when you’re walking to art class.

Laws 2

It’s illegal to use a fake name online. Technically, this is using a website in a way not intended by the creator and constitutes hacking.

Laws 3

Writing material that people could find “disturbing” is illegal. You’d better brighten up that zombie apocalypse novel you’ve been writing.

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In some states, connecting to unsecured WIFI networks is a big no no. How many times have you sat on the bench outside Starbucks and used their WiFi? Hell, if you’re walking past, your phone will connect without you even having to do anything. Unluckily for you, every time you’re doing that, you’re breaking the law.

Laws 5

Wearing baggy pants in Mansfield, Louisiana. This ban was proposed by Louisiana’s Terrebonne Parish. Offenders receive a $50 fine for the first offence, and larger fines and community service for any subsequent offences.

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Buying ice cream after 6pm is illegal in Newark, New Jersey. This law was created in the 19th century, but you can get around it if you have a note from your doctor.

Laws 7


If you unlock your phone it doesn’t mean that you are a bad person, but it is bad behavior…very bad behavior.

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