Reincarnation of Renault 5: Cheap and Stylish Car for Young People

The company Renault can in the near future to re-release a new look one of the most popular models of the 1990s – Renault 5. For design ideas, the reincarnation of the French “five” should be a practical and affordable cars for young people.

New Renault 5 - cheap car for young people
New Renault 5 – cheap car for young people
Reincarnation compact hatchback.
Reincarnation compact hatchback.

The original Renault 5 – compact hatchback, popular in Europe in the 70s-90s of the last century. It was released two generations of this car, and the most successful model was the Renault R5 Turbo mid-engine, which was mainly rally car, but, nevertheless, he often met and in the streets. But in the mid-90s Renault 5 was discontinued.

The revival of the legendary Renault 5.
The revival of the legendary Renault 5.

In recent years, many automakers are reviving their symbolic models of previous years, and Renault has decided to revive the famous “five”. Slovenian designer Vihtelits Matic (Matic Vihtelic) developed the concept of Renault 5, designed especially for the younger generation of buyers.

new renault concept car

New Concept Renault 5 versatility, practicality and the ability to personalize a car different gadgets. The project provides for the maximum reduction of production costs and reduced prices to a minimum. Author of the project has provided a simplified construction of the auto plastic molded panels.

New Concept Renault 5: versatility and practicality.

The engine is located behind the machine and is very low, which provides additional storage space behind the rear seats.The dashboard – a low-cost smartphones, and the seats can be folded, turning them into a makeshift bed.

Renault 5: 100% elaborate interior.
Renault 5: 100% elaborate interior.

New Concept Renault 5 – this is not yet official design cars, but a very interesting idea as simple and affordable car that would be attractive to many customers in Europe.


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