Rare Wild Cat Species that exist on the Earth (12 Photos)


We all know about lions, tigers, cougars, leopards and even jaguars, but there’s a whole world of wild cats out there, especially a bunch of rare, small and/or weird varieties that you’ve probably never heard of!

Cats evolved into a distinct family (Felidae) roughly 25 million years ago. Since then, they’ve expanded all over the world and have evolved to match their environments. They still retain some things in common, however – just like your fluffball at home, very few cats can taste sweetness. They are all obligate carnivores – they do not simply favor meat, they can’t subsist on anything else. Besides lions, very few cats display any sort of strong social behavior, though some others do hunt together or form loose colonies. It’s no wonder our domesticated kitties are such haughty, individualistic souls!

(h/t: fnordsensei)

 Pallas Cat (Otocolobus Manul)

unusual-wild-cats 1

unusual-wild-cats 2

Canadian Lynx (Lynx Canadensis)

unusual-wild-cats 3

Sand Cat (Felis Margarita)

unusual-wild-cats 4

Black-footed Cat (Felis Nigripes)

unusual-wild-cats 5

Caracal (Caracal Caracal)

unusual-wild-cats 6

Clouded Leopard (Neofelis Nebulosa)

unusual-wild-cats 7

Pampas Cat (Leopardus Pajeros)

unusual-wild-cats 8

Leopard Cat (Prionailurus Bengalensis)

unusual-wild-cats 9


unusual-wild-cats 10

Fishing Cat (Prionailurus Viverrinus)

unusual-wild-cats 11

Serval (Leptailurus Serval)

unusual-wild-cats 12

Bay Cat (Catopuma Badia)

unusual-wild-cats 13

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