Purin the Super Beagle – the Cutest Soccer Slick

With Brazil exhaling, Croatia fuming and Netherlands hammering down Spain in FIFA World Cup 2014, the football fever is gripping the world, not even leaving our four legged friend behind. Purin the Super Beagle is an amazing soccer marvel and an all star athlete. She has good on-field awareness, cuts to the net in a jiffy and is a mean goalkeeper.  She is already a huge star in Japan with her own YouTube channel and Facebook Page.

The eight year old beagle is in the limelight, mostly for her extraordinary ability to catch with her paws. Having mastered the football, she is onto various other activities like riding a skateboard or stopping a Samurai sword with her paw or balancing on a Yoga ball or jumping the rope or doing handstands (well in her case, paw-stands) as her celebration move.

Keeping aside her canine status, she could definitely play in the World Cup or they could keep a day aside for Fido World Cup.

Purin (English meaning – pudding), Tokyo resident has a long way to go with her incredible skills. She is even under contract to Stardog (Stardust), Animal talent agent in Tokyo, Japan as a talent dog. She is an international star as the Daily Mail quoted:

Owner Makoto Kumagai has been inundated with showbiz requests from television companies hoping to feature Purin’s skills – so much so that the pooch now has her own agent.

Mr Kumagai said: “She has become famous all over the world and regularly have people asking her to be in an advert, on their TV show or compete in a talent contest.

“She is very talented and sweet and thoroughly entertains people.”

1. Purin in her Celebration Pose (Courtesy – Daily Mail)


2. Freewheeling on the Skateboard (Courtesy – Daily Mail)


3. Skipping with her owner, Makoto Kumagai (Courtesy – Daily Mail)


4. Purin, the Pianist (Courtesy – Daily Mail)


5. Purin in a defensive pose (Courtesy – Daily Mail)


6. Purin flaunts her ninja skills by stopping a Samurai Sword (Courtesy – Daily Mail)


7.  Purin, balancing and trotting along on a Yoga ball (Courtesy – Daily Mail)


8. Purin prepares to catch a Beach ball (Courtesy – Daily Mail)


9. Another way of catching the ball, pin it to the chest (Courtesy – Daily Mail)


10. Purin hopping off a tree trunk (Courtesy – Daily Mail)

Shout-out to Mr. Kumagai for teaching these amazing tricks to this extremely talented pooch. Check out some of her videos below and on her YouTube channel.



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