Pinterest Office is what you would call DIY wonderland

Pinterest Office Headquaters in San Francisco are all about crafty walls, modern architecture, fun DIY workspace, creative office furniture and a lot more.

BuzzFeed recently visited the Pinterest HQ and photographed the premises with huge sky lights, mini hot air balloons, a Lego wall to which you need to add your own Lego blocks, a beam draped in a huge knitted sweater, a bike rack with a planter bike, wooden swings and heirloom tomatoes laid on a table.

The office also has a crafts wall with Yarns, hammer, ribbons, pliers, colors and what not. It is like the wall dares you to make something creative.

So if you ever want to work at Pinterest and be a part of its corporate culture, DIYing is the way to go.

Meanwhile, immerse yourself in the amazing artistic world of Pinterest.

1. Way out of world Decorations

Pinterest Office - Custom Sewing Machine


2. The mini bar

The Bar

3. The electronics wall

The Electronics wall at Pinterest

4. Sleek conference rooms

Conference Room

5. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

6. The Quiets room for napping and probably even meditating

Quiet Room

7. The Han Solo Printer

The Han Solo Printer

8. The Pinned Conference Rooms

The Conference Room Pins

9. The Cafeteria


10. The Lego Wall

Pinterest  The Lego Wall

11. The Healthy Snack Fridge – Full of it

The Healthy Food at Pinterest Office

12. The ‘Push It” Achievements Wall

Push It wall

13. The 2nd Floor Pinned Rooms

The 2nd Floor

14. The Highlight of the Lego Wall – The Bumble Bee

The Bumble Bee

15.  The striped mini hot air balloons

The Mini Hot Air Balloons

16. A polite Robo Coffee Bot

The Robo Coffee Bot

17.  More hot air balloons

Pinterest _34

18. The chairs with ombre effect

The Ombre Chairs

19. The ribbon-it supplies on the crafts wall

All kinds of ribbons

20. Ginormous Sky Lights

Huge Sky Lights

21. DIY comfortable couch with Aloe Vera plant

DIY Sofa and Aloe Vera Plant

22. The Pin Now, Read Later poster

Pin Now, Read Later

23. S’Mores Conference Room

Pinterest _28

23. The perfectly assembled Rubik Cube Logo

The Rubik Cube Pinterest Logo

24. Wall and Door depicting the office locations of Pinterest

The Office Location Map

25. Swinging by

The Swings

26. The convertible desk

The Convertible Table

27. The Green Shelf

The Green Shelf

28. Everything Teal

Everything Teal

29. The Neon Ready Steady Go Wall Decor

Neon Sign

30. Ryan Gosling, again

Ryan Gosling again

31. The Wheelie Table

The Wooden Table with Wheels

32. The knitted beam

The Cold Beam

33. Handy cereal and snack bar

Snack Bar

34. The Pinterest Foosball Table

Pinterest Foosball Table

35. The Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom Tomatoes

36. The bike rack with a planter bike

The Bike Rack

37. Pinners across the world

Pinners across the world

38. Pinterest Cushions

Pinterest  pillows

39. Pin the World

Pin the World

40. The Artsy Crafts Wall

The Crafts Wall

41. The Division of Labor Posters

The Labor Posters

42. The Pantone Themed Chairs

Pantone Chairs

43. Wonder if they really serve Wine in the Conference Room

The Wine Conference Room

44. The Little Free Library

Little  Free Library

The Library

45. The motto

Pin It Craft

46. The moose guarding the Kale Chips Conference Room

Moose Guarding Kale Chips

47. Welcome to Pinterest

Welcome to Pinterest

Pin it if you feel like paying a visit…After all, who wouldn’t want to work in that kind of corporate culture.


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