Picture of the Day – The Four Seasons Leaf

Picture of the Day

Reddit user -coolcoolcool- found this all seasons leaf in Minnesota. The spectacular tri-color leaf demonstrates the life cycle congruent with the changing seasons.

What could be the possible reason for the leaves to change color? 

The fall leaf life cycle starts with the end of summer and the shortening of the days. As the days get shorter, the tree does not have enough sunlight to make food for itself. Rather than struggle to make food through the winter, it shuts down. It stops producing chlorophyll and allows its fall leaves to die. When the tree stops producing chlorophyll, the green color leaves the foliage and you are left with the “true color” of the leaves.

Leaves are naturally orange and yellow. The green just normally covers this up. As the chlorophyll stops flowing, the tree starts to produce anthocyanins. This replaces the chlorophyll and is red colored. So, depending at which point in the fall leaf life cycle the tree is in, the tree will have green, yellow or orange leaves, then red autumn leaf color. (Source – GardeningKnowHow)

Nature is always mesmerizing. Welcome to September.

Picture of the Day
Picture of the Day


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