Painful Parenting Moments illustrate by Funny Photos

I’m a mum of three little boys. For the past year, I’ve been keeping memories of those sweet / funny / painful parenting moments by drawing. It’s helped me find the lighter side of certain situations, particularly while I was battling post partum depression.

I’m enjoying sharing my cartoons with other parents who can relate! So it’s just that. Fun, short comics about my life as a mother (and I believe the life of many other mothers too).

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Post Partum Depression

Favourite-cartoons-about-motherhood 1

Are You Feeding Him?

Favourite-cartoons-about-motherhood 2

Do This, Do That

Favourite-cartoons-about-motherhood 3


Favourite-cartoons-about-motherhood 4

Play Time

Favourite-cartoons-about-motherhood 5

The Perks Of Breastfeeding

Favourite-cartoons-about-motherhood 6

The Truth About Giving Birth

Favourite-cartoons-about-motherhood 7


Favourite-cartoons-about-motherhood 8

Nap Time

Favourite-cartoons-about-motherhood 9

It’s A Boy!

Motherhood Problems: I Illustrate My Funny And Sometimes Painful Parenting Moments

Ezra 2015

Favourite-cartoons-about-motherhood 11


Favourite-cartoons-about-motherhood 12

Post Partum Stomach

Favourite-cartoons-about-motherhood 13

Round And Round The Garden

Favourite-cartoons-about-motherhood 14


Favourite-cartoons-about-motherhood 15

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