Only Grammar Nerds can Understand these Jokes (22 Photos)

The distinction between “you’re” and “your” might not look like much to some, but confusing the two can deeply annoy those of us who value good grammar. Following the rules of grammar makes your texts clearer and more respectable.

Learning the difference between homophones like “horde” and “hoard” will also help you stay out of trouble with the grammar police. We suggest checking out this list of grammar puns so you know how to stay on their good side!

#1 Pros And Cons Of Boys

grammar-nerds-jokes 1

#2 Help A Thief

grammar-nerds-jokes 2

#3 The Importance Of Grammar

grammar-nerds-jokes 3

#3 The Importance Of Grammar

grammar-nerds-jokes 4

#5 The Importance Of Commas

grammar-nerds-jokes 5

#6 For All You Grammar Nazis Out There

grammar-nerds-jokes 6

#7 Catholic Meeting

grammar-nerds-jokes 7

#8 Grammar Is Important, Kids

grammar-nerds-jokes 8

#9 The Games Get Pretty Crazy At English Teachers’ Parties

grammar-nerds-jokes 9

#10 Grammar Nazis Might Have A Point

grammar-nerds-jokes 10

#11 The Curse Of High Apostrophe Intelligence

grammar-nerds-jokes 11

#12 Dear Internet, Grammar Matters

grammar-nerds-jokes 12

#13 Your Pretty

grammar-nerds-jokes 13

#14 This Door Is Alarmed

grammar-nerds-jokes 14

#15 Dessert Island

grammar-nerds-jokes 15

#16 Ancient Grammar Police

grammar-nerds-jokes 16

#17 Grammar Nazis Have There Own Problems

grammar-nerds-jokes 17

#18 Let’s Slow Down

grammar-nerds-jokes 18

#19 Grammar Dinosaur

grammar-nerds-jokes 19

#20 Grammar Nazi Hunters

grammar-nerds-jokes 20

#21 Hire Taller Staff Cause I Need A Taco!

grammar-nerds-jokes 21

#22 Grammar Snob

grammar-nerds-jokes 22

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