Old Memorable Things from Your Childhood (20Photos)

Before iPhones, we used these walkman’s and cd players to listen to music.

Memorable things 1

Getting your book stamped with the return date when checking one out from the library.

Memorable things 2

Using a card catalog to find a book in the library.

Memorable things 3

Shoulder mounted video recorder. Awesome, but heavy.

Memorable things 4

Hours of entertainment.

Memorable things 5

Looking information up in the encyclopedia.

Memorable things 6

Answering the phone without caller i.d.

Memorable things 7

If you adjust the bunny ears in the right position you were certain to get a clear tv signal.

Memorable things 8

Recording your favorite tv shows.

Memorable things 9

Looking up movie times.

Memorable things 10

Saving all your info to a floppy disk.

Memorable things 11

Using paper maps when traveling.

Memorable things 12

Public phone.

Memorable things 13

Projector from school.

Memorable things 14

Taking pictures with film, and having to get your camera roll developed.

Memorable things 15

Look up your favorite tv show.

Memorable things 16

VHS tapes would eventually take up tons of space in your living room.

Memorable things 17

With your boombox you could record your favorite song that came on the radio.

Memorable things 18

Blowing in the cartridge to get the game to play better.

Memorable things 19

“You’ve got mail”

Memorable things 20

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