Now You Can Move into a Solar-powered floating house (11 Photos)

Ever feel like living on the water? Well your dreams are slowly becoming a reality with Floatwing. Similar to shipping container structures, this self-sufficient house floats on water and has endless design possibilities. Created by Friday, the mobile residence starts with a fixed width of about 20 feet, and it can have additional lengths installed that range from 33 to 60 feet. With this customizable feature, the Floatwing could be your ultimate bachelor pad loft, or a cozy three-bedroom apartment. Whatever one may decide, the water will always be at your doorstep.

Solar-powered-floating-house 1

Inside you can expect all the amenities a homeowner would consider when moving into a new place. There’s a kitchen large enough for daily use, a heat pump for warm water, an AC generator, and an optional barbecue that can be installed on the upper terrace. Features even include a wine cellar and pellet stove to provide warmth on cold days. This is all made possible with the integrated use of solar panels. When they are fully charged, the house becomes self-sufficient for a minimum of seven days, and produces up to 80% of its annual energy needs.

Solar-powered-floating-house 2

Besides it’s modern aesthetic and sustainability, another perk is the Floatwing’s mobility, made possible with two small outboard motors. They produce enough power to navigate at a moderate speed of three knots and allow residents to wake up with a new view every day.

Solar-powered-floating-house 3

Solar-powered-floating-house 4

Solar-powered-floating-house 5

Solar-powered-floating-house 6

Solar-powered-floating-house 7

Solar-powered-floating-house 8

Solar-powered-floating-house 9

Solar-powered-floating-house 10

Solar-powered-floating-house 11

via – thechive


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