Now the internet’s favorite new animal are baby elephants

Cat GIFs, shamat GIFs. Felines have had their moment in the sun. Baby elephants are the hot new thing in the online world. Don’t believe us? See for yourselves.

1. This little guy couldn’t be more pleased to meet you

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2. Just look at that coquettish little head tilt

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3. Learning proper trunk control takes hard work and dedication – he’s almost there

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4. CHARGE!! On second thoughts… RETREAT!

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5. A love of chasing birds unites toddlers of all species

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6. As does the knowledge that big brothers are the worst!

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7. If you’re planning to cuddle a baby elephant, be careful, sometimes they don’t know their own strength

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8. However big they might look on the outside, inside they’re only little

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9. But they’re still BIG fun

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via – usvsth3m


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