A New Jeans that doesn’t need Washing

We all have a favourite pair of jeans, those jeans we never ever want to throw away. But that’s not possible because eventually they start smelling and we know it’s time to let them go.

But, the good news is that an American company has invented a denim that never stinks or stains even if you wear it every day. ODO denim has a patent running on its denim fabric which is infused with silver thread. This thread reduces contact between stain-causing materials and the surface of the fabric itself – which includes sweat. It simply rolls off without getting absorbed.

Jeans 1

ODO’s director of marketing challenges anyone to get their jeans to smell bad in a year without a wash. If they succeed, the company will reward them with a new pair of jeans. Company’s kickstarter campaign is already a success. They have raised ten times of their goal of $10,000 already.

Early birds on Kickstarter can get a stain-proof scarf for $25, a T-shirt for $35, or a pair of jeans for $109. But, hey, the supplies are limited. The company has plans to start distribution and shipping of the products around the US in May or June of this year, with worldwide shipping to follow soon.

via – indiatimes


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