Do you need something to scratch your head? (25 Photos)

You don’t always know what you’re going to encounter on the world wide web.

A real Prada store in the middle of nowhere?

pic 1

A flaming red durian.

pic 2

Biohackers starting a new trend of implanting LED lights underneath their skin.

pic 3

Yes, falling deer.

pic 4

Individuals in Japan have started wearing full-body lycra suits in attempt of “breaking free from the tensions of daily life.”

pic 5

A real life-size gingerbread house that you can enter and dine in as if you’re Hansel and Gretel for a day.

pic 6

A Best Buy superstore in Pakistan that sells everything.

pic 7

A flower (anguloa uniflora) that looks exactly like a swaddled baby.

pic 8

A mysterious sea of foam along the streets of Maroochydore, Australia.

pic 9

The door to St. Edward’s church in Stow, England.

pic 10

Baby centipedes being protected by their mom.

pic 11

A UFO casually driving down the freeway in Northwest Indiana.

pic 12

A used car company creates the world’s first ever car vending machine.

pic 13

A stinging tree that could send you to the hospital.

pic 14

Japan’s McDonald’s have come up with a new french fries dish where two different chocolate sauces are drizzled over.

pic 15

An Island of Dolls in Mexico.

pic 16

A bus designed to do actual push-ups off the pavement.

pic 17

A man from South-Eastern China with a rare birthmark that makes it look like he’s in transition of becoming a werewolf.

pic 18

Brian Tagalog is the only certified tattoo artist in the world that doesn’t have arms.

pic 19

Black boiled eggs – a Japanese delicacy.

pic 20

The “Valley of Love” in Ireland.

pic 21

A globetrotting thrill-seeking Russian hairdresser giving extreme hair cuts in extreme locations.

pic 22

A literal Cat Island in Japan.

pic 23

An actual Santa University for professional Santas.

pic 24

Look how big a grizzly bear claw is!

pic 25

An artist who uses salt to create highly detailed portraits.

pic 26

via – ebaumsworld


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