35 Cool Lion Tattoo Designs for Men

Most of time when you meet a person with Tattoo on his/her body, you start judging. And most of the time the judgment is wrong. Now a days tattoo is a style statement, where you change old ones, repair the bad ones. So, whatever be the reason to have a tattoo, they all have one basic need, which is attention. People with tattoo on their body generally takes the attention, at least I think that.

Today in this article we will be sharing some really cool lion tattoo designs for men. Although lion tattoos for girls are not so popular, but I have seen girls wearing some really coloful and hot looking lion tattoo designs. And we will feature another article specially for girls.

In this collection you will find roaring lion tattoos, lion head tattoo, small lion tattoo and some tribal lion tattoo. One of these which really made me think of getting one myself are lion tattoo on arms and sleeves, they look more hap than chest tattoos and back tattoos.

Do tell us which one did you find cool and which one can be trashed right away.











Tribal Lion Tattoo

Tribal Lion Tattoo design idea1

Lion Tattoo on Shoulder with Punjabi Writing

lion tattoo on shoulders punjabi writing

Lion tattoo on legs

lion tattoo on leg colorful by sasha


Lion Tattoo On Shoulder

lion tattoo on shoulder

Roaring Lion Tattoo Design

Roaring Lion Tattoo Design

Lion tattoo ideas on hand

lion tattoo on hand

Lion tattoo design on back of leg

lion on back of leg

Lion tattoo on chest roaring

lion tattoo on chest roaring

Head Lion Tattoo

Head Lion Tattoo

Colorful lion tattoo design on arm

coroful Lion Tattoo

Lion tattoo design on biceps

lion tattoo design on biceps

Group of Lions tattoo on arm

lion tattoo on arm


Shoulder Lion Tattoo


lion dragon tattoo fighting each other

lion dragon tattoo

Lion tattoo idea on arm by Mark Noel

tattoo idea for lion on arm by Mark Noel

Lion King with Crown tattoo

Lion King with Crown tattoo

Back Lion tattoo Design


Lion Tattoo on Stomach


Lion Tattoo on Chest colorful design

lion tattoo on chest colorful

Tribal Lion Tattoo

Tribal Lion Tattoo 2

Chest Lion Tattoo Design

Chest Lion Tattoo Design

Bohemian Lion Tattoo


Halt tattoo, half girl tattoo ideas

lion tattoo with half lion and half girl

Lion tattoo idea on arm and shoulder



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