Keep their Distance Relationship Alive by taking “Half&Half” photos

Some of us have experienced that a long distance relationship can be quite frustrating, to say the least. What should you do when Skype just isn’t enough? One creative Korean couple currently in this situation found a genius way to connect with each other through art.

Despite the 14-hour time difference, Danbi Shin, currently based in New York, and Seok Li, based in Seoul, keep their relationship alive by taking photos simultaneously while on video calls and creating collages.

The project is called “Half&Half” and with it the artist duo ShinLiArt try to discover the similarities between their different lifestyles dictated by different locations.

More info: | Instagram (h/t: designtaxi)

long-distance-relationship-korean-couple-photo-collage-half-shiniart 1

long-distance-relationship-korean-couple-photo-collage-half-shiniart 2

long-distance-relationship-korean-couple-photo-collage-half-shiniart 3

long-distance-relationship-korean-couple-photo-collage-half-shiniart 4

long-distance-relationship-korean-couple-photo-collage-half-shiniart 5

long-distance-relationship-korean-couple-photo-collage-half-shiniart 6

long-distance-relationship-korean-couple-photo-collage-half-shiniart 7

long-distance-relationship-korean-couple-photo-collage-half-shiniart 8

long-distance-relationship-korean-couple-photo-collage-half-shiniart 9

long-distance-relationship-korean-couple-photo-collage-half-shiniart 10

long-distance-relationship-korean-couple-photo-collage-half-shiniart 11

long-distance-relationship-korean-couple-photo-collage-half-shiniart 12

long-distance-relationship-korean-couple-photo-collage-half-shiniart 13

via – boredpanda


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