Inspiring Teacher who know how to deal with Dear Students (30 Photos)

Teaching is a tough job, and many of us give teachers less credit than they deserve. The awesome teachers in this list are shining examples of the brilliant things that can happen when they let their senses of humor shine through!

If you’ve ever been on the giving or receiving end of a funny teaching moment, we’d love to see it! Add it to this list and upvote your favorites, too. Keep your heads up, teachers! Those who cannot teach – do!

#1 This Teacher Knows

funny-teaching-wins 1

#2 Look What I Got From My Teacher

funny-teaching-wins 2

#3 Friend Of Mine’s Math Teacher Responds To A Doodle He Drew On His Test

funny-teaching-wins 3

#4 At Least My Chemistry Teacher Has A Sense Its Humor

funny-teaching-wins 4

#5 This Teacher Is Hilarious

funny-teaching-wins 5

#6 Why Are There Rings On Saturn?

funny-teaching-wins 6

#7 My Microbiology Professor Did The Entire Lecture Like This

funny-teaching-wins 7

#8 Anti-Cheat Technique

funny-teaching-wins 8

#9 How My Teacher Describes The Scientific Process

funny-teaching-wins 9

#10 During Their Break, Students Discover What Their Teacher Is Drinking

funny-teaching-wins 10

#11 Student Falls Asleep In Class, So Teacher Takes A Photo With Him

funny-teaching-wins 11

#12 Teacher Grades Student’s F-you Letter

funny-teaching-wins 12

#13 Bless This Teacher

funny-teaching-wins 13

#14 I Love My Physics Teacher

funny-teaching-wins 14

#15 My Teachers Response To The Picture I Drew On A Test

funny-teaching-wins 15

#16 My English Teacher Put This On The Clock During Finals. How Clever

funny-teaching-wins 16

#17 This Teacher

funny-teaching-wins 17

#18 He Asked The Teacher For A Pen

funny-teaching-wins 18

#19 When Your Prof Is Feeling Savage

funny-teaching-wins 19

#20 Math Teacher Got Tired Of Kids Not Returning Her Pencils

funny-teaching-wins 20

#21 This Teacher Decided To Attach Job Applications For Mcdonald’s To The Failed Tests

funny-teaching-wins 21

#22 How To Study

funny-teaching-wins 22

#23 I Fell For It

funny-teaching-wins 23

#24 My History Teacher

funny-teaching-wins 24

#25 Principal Thinks Of A Genius Fundraiser – 1 Dollar For A Piece Of Tape

funny-teaching-wins 25

#26 Found In My Physics Teacher’s Room

funny-teaching-wins 26

#27 This Teacher Likes Hashtags

funny-teaching-wins 27

#28 Science Teacher Hung This In His Classroom

funny-teaching-wins 28

#29 My Teacher Made A Fantastic Costume

funny-teaching-wins 29

#30 Physics Teacher Explains What Liquids Are

funny-teaching-wins 30

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