If it isn’t a Turkey, then what is it? (9 Photos)

Right now you’re looking at a beautiful cake. That’s right, this succulent looking roasted turkey was made from scratch by cake artist Yolanda Gampp. As to why Yolanda created this masterpiece, according to her, “I wanted to make a turkey cake that was realistic enough that you would be really expecting it to taste like meat. My not-so-secret passion is making faux food cakes (cake that looks like other food).”

No Turkey 1

Here you are looking at the finished project. But let’s take it back to the beginning…

No Turkey 2

Stack layers of vanilla cake put sideways


Carve it into a turkey shape. Don’t forget the wings.

No Turkey 4

Perfect turkey form.

No Turkey 5

Drape with colored fondant icing.

No Turkey 6

Press with shelf liners (seriously) to get that turkey skin texture. Pro tip.

No Turkey 7

Paint on that roasted skin color look using ivory & copper and then later “Buckeye-Brown” food coloring gel.


No Turkey 9

Dust sporadically with cocoa powder. Especially the parts that get crispy in the oven

No Turkey 10

No turkey is complete without stuffing – poundcake stuffing!

No Turkey 11

Carve and serve!

To see the whole in-depth process of making this cake, check out Yolanda’s YouTube channel, ‘How To Cake It’.


via – thechive


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