Grammar Nerds need to buy these 17th Gifts today

As an English major, I can’t say I’m perfect when it comes to grammar, punctuation, or spelling, but I do know that hearing or seeing someone make a horrendous error is quite cringe-inducing.

Grammar nerds are a class all their own, which is why if you have a friend who, like Ted Mosby, corrects everyone’s annoying (but totally harmless) mistakes, they’ll love these gifts come the holidays.

1. It’s a disease.

Grammer 1

2. We’re still going over this? For shame!

Grammer 2

3. All day, every day.

Grammer 3

4. You can either memorize this, or, y’know, just learn to spell.

Grammer 4

5. Now that’s romance.

Grammer 5

6. I could go on all day about this…

Grammer 6

7. They’re out there saving lives, folks.

Grammer 7

8. Admittedly, this one is super annoying.


9. When you’re 95 and in an old folks’ home, this will be acceptable.

Grammer 9

10. It’s so beautiful…

Grammer 10

11. Grammar nerds: we’re bringing sexy back.

Grammer 11

12. It’s an important difference.

Grammer 12

13. That was a close one.

Grammer 13

14. Finally, someone exposed “thru” for what it really is!

Grammer 14

15. I will FIND THEM.

Grammer 15

16. It’s life or death, Timmy.

Grammer 16

17. We’re doing our best to make it better, though! Promise.

Grammer 17

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