Weird, wonderful, and funny pictures that went viral

Often you receive messages or get tagged on weird pictures that are either funny or cringe-worthy, or misleading or even creative at times. These pictures become viral really quickly. Some of them are taken intentionally and others are just clicked at the right place at the right time. Some of these images are computer-animated illustrations designed especially for sites like wikiHow. These are at times downright awful or oddly evocatively beautiful. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but at times these images are worth ten thousand words each.

Pictures That Went Viral!

Usually used for mindless entertainment, some of the viral images are of pets or even wild animals that were taken at just the right moment. Some of them are of people doing weird stuff or pictures taken from weird angles. While some images are simpler to understand others need to be seen twice to be able to understand what is going on. No matter how these images sure crack us up at times, make us cringe at others. No matter what genre these images do make we question ourselves “Why are our lives so boring?”.

Below are a few of these viral weird Pictures that we often see on the internet:

No!! It’s not what you think it is. She is not a Zebrawoman, nor is she wearing a fancy pair of pants. She is in fact standing beside a zebra and getting her photograph clicked. It is all about the angle from which this picture is taken.

Talking about great timing, this is the perfect example of a photograph taken at the perfect time. It is pure creativity and the right timing. It looks like the moon is the sail of the boat.

If you think this is a picture of a private island, then you are completely wrong. This is an image of a mossy rock in the rainwater. These are the images that require to be seen twice to be understood. 


This image is not for the faint-hearted people. There are such people who make us think if they are just dumb or simply want others to make fun of them. We mean, we understand your love for Nutella and your phone, but there is a difference between them and a huge one. 

Well, everything has a price, Isn’t it??

This person seems to be specifically attached to his flip-flops. We mean yea, there must be theft in their area, and he seems pretty attached to those filthy things.

Talking about people being dumb, this guy’s expressions say it all…

Well, those were the days, and we don’t have anything more to say about this one in particular.

We heard someone looking for a bored Wet Cat.

Well; we found it for them. 

This is what happens when you take to try, try and try until you succeed.

Well, we guess she just had to try to escape and was almost successful, but we wonder Why??

We found a UFO! We found a UFO! 

Oh no, wait, this is just light passing through the handle of a dirty car. Well Like we said it’s all about the angles.

Wow-what a beautiful room!! But why does it have a hole in the middle….

This is actually the inside of a piano. Could you have guessed it?

We surely couldn’t have.

Oh! These diplomats!!

Do we wonder what is bribing him for? WE guess nobody told him bribery is a criminal offense. Someone call the Police…

What? Haven’t you heard Hygiene is important, even if it is a statue!!

Putting a razor in his hand was indeed a brilliant idea to make people crack up.

Well Yea, this is sad. It is just like us trying to fit into our old jeans…

It just has to in any way…

We will never trust these signboards ever again…

We hope you have insurance if you followed the instructions because we know you haven’t got this.

Mc Donalds just became scary and we are so done with it. Somebody, please call our mommy!

This car fulfills all your requirements they said! 

We guess we are just never going to be starved ever.

There is no explosion in the house, it is the reflection of a sunset. We got scared too. 

We see triplets. Ahh, no this is just a picture of 3 men sleeping on a bus who is absolutely not related to each other. We know the resemblance is uncanny though.

when we say this is what we mean to get your priorities straight. We sure can see that he is sorted on that front. As they say, “love is love”.

Then these two are from a whole different dimension. We don’t think they realize they are walking their irons and not their dogs.

Then we came across this image of a firecracker bursting in the sky, and we just could not ignore it. Perfect timing, perfect angle, and a perfect creative shot.


 We all have a few images in our phone gallery which are hidden away because they are just embarrassing. There are images that you take unintentionally and are a friendly laugh amongst your family but are too embarrassing for you to show to anybody else. There is a creative side in everybody. Looking deep into something and creating something beautiful is what only a few can do. 


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