These Funny Pictures will make you Cry

What computer users see in security warning boxes

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Hate it when that happens…

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My grandpa had an amazing sense of humor

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I knew that there was a reason why I didn’t trust Macklemore

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Level 20 Bard plays “Remove Fear”.

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Using your Ipad to take pics…

Funny 6via

Wait, I got banned why?

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Chick-Fil-A suggests adding “one healthy habit” to your day, like eating chicken nuggets every three to four hours

Funny 8via

Oh, god…

Funny 9via

My dog is horrified that it’s her birthday

Funny 10via

Fowl mood

Funny 11via

I’m just cooking ffs!

Funny 12via

This what happened to my cube yesterday while I was out of the office…where’d they get a toilet?

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Whatever floats your goat

Funny 14via

My girl Sheila

Funny 15via

I don’t care if it’s fake, we need this

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Favorited this 3 years ago. Its funny now as it was then.

Funny 17via

Blizzard turns a statue of a Polish national hero turns into Darth Vader

Funny 18via

Wife went away on business. Found this in the bathroom. I’m a vegetarian

Funny 19via

This 1950s Cola ad

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