Funny Pictures – December 19, 2015

These cookies capture the unseasonably warm weather perfectly.

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Late braking indeed…

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Its about time

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They were forced to do so

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Princess Fea

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Finally pulling his weight

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I thought it would be cute to buy my year 5’s some heart shaped balloons for Christmas.

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“Don’t take an umbrella” she said, “You have one in the car” she said.

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I’m not an alcoholic

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I raise you one first class panda bear.

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My job takes Star Wars pretty seriously.

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What does my son want for Christmas?? – Yeah, that’s my boy!!!

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Admiral Snackbar!!!

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New sign at my gym

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So my girlfriend decided to challenge me on fitbit today

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As someone who grew up in the Church of England, this gets me every time.

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Macaulay Culkin is growing up to be the old man from “Home Alone”

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The elevator in my office was broken today and it knew it

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Alrighty then

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