Funny Pictures – December 18, 2015

My office said ‘fuck it’ (again) this year

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Very funny, Barnes & Noble…

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The difference between someone who loves Star Wars and someone who gives zero fucks.

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How I picture what it will be like using Microsoft HoloLens

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Looks like she’s in a bit of a jam.

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To make the Grinch happy I would…

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In a family bathroom at my university…

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For all you first timer experiencing Catholicism this season, remember, they’re not foot rests.

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My dad got a sleeping bag suit for xmas

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People who haven’t seen Star Wars

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My girlfriend was watching a show on HGTV yesterday when I noticed the two guys look like someone I’ve seen before.

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A student in my friends speech class spent 5 minutes comparing John Cena and Jesus Christ.

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Strolling through Boston, then ….

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One of the great mysteries of life itself

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Local Taco Bell Prohibits talking about STAR WARS.

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What can I say? My roommate and I really like Christmas. It just suits us.

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When I was a kid this is all I could ever think while playing Goldeneye on N64

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This was the image of choice for an ice cream menu in Austria…

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Cruella and her Dalmatian

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I dont think my dads auntie fully understands labels for presents…

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