Funny Honey Pics to Cheer You Up (30 Photos)

Attack of the deranged mutant killer monster snow goons

Source: Imgur
Source: Imgur

Funny tow-away sign found at the local Chinese supermarket

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Parking: Nailed it.

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Things you can say about your house but not your wife.

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Actual representation of college students.

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This wrestling singlet is a little too handsy.

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One delicious Spunow bar, please.

Pic 7


Long Distance Relationship (best dating websites)

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He looked like he was a bit cold so I knit him a sweater!

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Thus must be where Sprite comes from

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Babysat my niece and sent this pic to her mom with the message “it’s cool I got her baked right?”

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Can’t decide if this is a great idea or a dick move

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The Gateway Drug

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I paid for this frappuccino with my blood.

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Asked the wife to make me a “to-do” list

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So my mom went for a run today at a local park and told me she will be home later than usual because the path is blocked…

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I knew I had seen that bear scene before. Pooh sure had a makeover

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This warning should be on everything.

Pic 20via

There’s definitely someone out there for everyone.

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In memory of my dog who died last week: Holly with pants on eating a ribbon

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The Blue Inferno

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No matter what the cat tells you.

Pic 24via

I’m a frayed knot!

Pic 25via

You’re doing it wrong

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I work at Toys R Us. I sometimes like to change the faces on the packages of the toys.

Pic 27via

Suspicious quotes are suspicious.

Pic 28via

Dialup was the bane of my existence

Pic 29via

She was waiting in line for 5 minutes.

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