The Most Funny GIFs from Harry Potter For Instant Laugh Out

“Everyday I’m Slytherin”

1. When you really don’t like Snickers.

2. When you approve of your bff’s new boyfriend.

3. When you just got your period.

4. When you’re on the naughty list.

5. When someone starts bossing you around.

6. When it’s Saturday night and the plans are fire.


7. When someone subtweets you.


8. When you feel mean AF.

9. When you’re really into EDM.

10. When you wake up hungover and regret last night.

11. When you just brushed your teeth.

12. When someone tries to steal your spotlight.

13. When Thanksgiving is over.

14. When bae is about to send you a nude.

15. When your squad is feeling strong.

16. When you’re about to poke someone on Facebook.

17. When you feel like a BAMF.

18. When you know someone is lying.

19. When it’s almost summer.

20. When you’re being roasted in group chat.

21. When you feel fab AF.

22. When you didn’t sign up for babysitting.


23. When you’re happy with how many likes your Instagram post has gotten.

24. When you feel like a wizard but you’re really just a teen girl.

via – buzzfeed


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