30 Attractive Foot Tattoos Design

Foot tattoos are one of the most popular subject where people like to place highly expressive designs on foot. The only thing foot tattoos are unpopular about is the fact that it fades faster. Although this is a misconceptions, but many people have reported fading of foot tattoos due to prolonged wearing of socks and shoes.

Foot tattoos generally more painful than other parts of the body. So, considering all the facts like fading and pain we have to take extra care of foot tattoos.

Below you will find tattoo designs of birds, roses, stars, animal, and flowers on foot.

foot tattoo 2

foot tattoo 3

foot tattoo 3

foot tattoo4

foot tattoo5

foot tattoo6

foot tattoo7

foot tattoo 8

foot tattoo 9

Foot tattoo10

foot tattoo11

foot tattoo12

foot tattoo13

foot tattoo14

foot tattoo15

deer foot tattoo

foot-tattoo of girl with balloon

foot-tattoo of skull

hummingbird foot tattoo

foot tattoo1

bird flying tattoo for foot

fish tattoo for foot

paw print foot tattoo

colorful peacock feather tattoo

flower foot tattoo2

butterfly on foot

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colorful feather2

my elephant foot tattoo


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