The Most Exact Pictures That Explain #Blizzard2016 (21 Photos)

A massive snowstorm has blanketed the East Coast in snow, affecting more than 80 million people and bringing NYC and Washington DC to a standstill. The storm became the second largest ever in New York City and your facebook feed is probably already covered in snow photos.

To better understand just how crazy the blizzard is, Bored Panda collected some photos and videos from the past couple of days.

If you have a photo, be sure to add to this list!

 #1 Convinced Husband To Go Out In A Blizzard Dressed As Death. Neighbors Stared

Pic 1

#2 Timelapse Showing 24 Hours Of Snowfall In Virginia

Pic 2

#3 When It’s So Blizzard Your Parked Car Goes Into Warp Speed

Pic 3

#4 Snow Got You Down? Put On Your Happy Face!

Pic 4

#5 But It’ll Blow Off If I Drive Fast Enough….

Pic 16

#6 A Minor Problem…

Pic 5

#7 Tian Tian At Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Pic 7

#8 The Correct Way To Be Snowed In…

Pic 8

#9 Jetblue Airplanes Buried In The Snow At Jfk Airport

Pic 9

#10 Made This Fabulous Snowman From Our Blizzard In South Carolina

Pic 10

#11 Deer Frolicking In The Street In Cleveland Park


#12 People Skiing On The Streets Of Nyc

Pic 12

#13 Decided To Build A Fire For Snowpocalypse!

Pic 13

#14 My Friends Are Making The Most Of A Bad Situation

Pic 14

#15 My Cat Begged To Go Outside For Two Damn Hours

Pic 15

Forgot To Close The Window

Pic 17

What’s Considered A Blizzard In Buffalo Vs What’s Considered A Blizzard In The Rest Of The Country

Pic 18

Snow At My Farm In Burkittsville, Md

Pic 19

Current Snowfall In Maryland

Pic 20

Anyone Looking To Get Plowed In Central Jersey?

Pic 21

via – boredpanda


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