Everyday Art – French artist transforms mundane things into amazing art

Everyday art is how mundane things can be transformed into something astonishingly spectacular. French artist Gilbert Legrand, not only observes characters or faces in everyday objects, but he transforms them into playful characters or animals by painting them or modifying them. With his artist’s eye and artistic hands, he gives a new life to these mundane objects.
Legrand lets his whimsical vision and active imagination soar by painting teeny-weeny details onto these objects. It is like you always thought you saw a face in a particular object and Wham! It is really there. With his flight of fancy, blades of scissors can be lovers (Ironic!), a paintbrush can become an injured fox or a boy with a weird hairstyle, a faucet can become a lady, pliers can become a player catching a ball, a tissue box can be a man, and a juicer can be a woman emerging from a swimming pool.

Besides creating tiny sculptures and playful characters, Legrand works as a freelance illustrator and advertiser. For the past 10 years, driven by the passion of everyday art, he regularly exhibits his sculptures in art centers across France. His work has also been published in Editions Sarbacane books “The Grand Show of Small Things ” and “The Little Things in New York”

Check out more of his work that turns ordinary objects of the everyday life of people into playful characters at his Facebook Page and his website.


1. Body Building Wrench

Gilbert Legrand_76

2. Lion

Gilbert Legrand_75

3. The King of Hearts

Gilbert Legrand_74

4. The Hang(er) Man driving the car

Gilbert Legrand_73

5. Chief of the Tribe

Gilbert Legrand_72

6. The Hockey Player

Gilbert Legrand_71

7. The Saw Horse

Gilbert Legrand_70

8. The Concrete Alligator

Gilbert Legrand_69

9. Mangled Fox

Gilbert Legrand_68

10. Angry Platypus

Gilbert Legrand_67

11. Woman emerging from a pool

Gilbert Legrand_66

12. Dog on a leash

Gilbert Legrand_65

13. The Hang(er) man driving the car yet again

Gilbert Legrand_64

14. The cork screw

Gilbert Legrand_63

15. The Paintbrush

Gilbert Legrand_61

16. Dog wearing a cap

Gilbert Legrand_62

17. Jolly,  the mouse

Gilbert Legrand_60

18. Lovers

Gilbert Legrand_59

19. Electric cow

Gilbert Legrand_58

20. Suicidal Tendency

Gilbert Legrand_57

21. The Corkscrew Diva


22.  The walking dog

Gilbert Legrand_55

23. The pipe breaks

Gilbert Legrand_54

24. Dice mining

Gilbert Legrand_53

25. The Animal Kingdom

Gilbert Legrand_52

26. The body builder

Gilbert Legrand_51

27. The spigot model

Gilbert Legrand_50

28. Scissor Girls

Gilbert Legrand_49

29. The fruit peeler

Gilbert Legrand_48

30. Funnel pure and wise thoughts

Gilbert Legrand_47

31. The Dandelion Man

Gilbert Legrand_46

32. The Gold Spigot Model

Gilbert Legrand_45

33. The Cleaning Superhero

Gilbert Legrand_43

34. Egg Crate Racing

Gilbert Legrand_44

35. Oops, someone pull the curtain or shut the door

Gilbert Legrand_41

36. The Chinese Kung Fu Masters

Gilbert Legrand_40

37. The Security Agents

Gilbert Legrand_39

38. Miss Handsaws

Gilbert Legrand_38

39. The measuring tape men

Gilbert Legrand_37

40. The philosophy of small jet-setter

Gilbert Legrand_36

41. Amorous Scissors (Ironic!)

Gilbert Legrand_35

42. The sad tissue man

Gilbert Legrand_34

43. The Eagle

Gilbert Legrand_33

44. The Clever Fox

Gilbert Legrand_32

45. Bush Cutting

Gilbert Legrand_31

46. The Dancer

Gilbert Legrand_30

47. Running Spigots

Gilbert Legrand_29

48. The Shady Salesman

Gilbert Legrand_28

49. The Crybaby

Gilbert Legrand_27

50. The Capper

Gilbert Legrand_26

51. Hiding under the plank

Gilbert Legrand_25

52. Bookworm

Gilbert Legrand_23

53. The Boxer

Gilbert Legrand_24

54.  The Flying Crate

Gilbert Legrand_22

55. The Singing Saucepan

Gilbert Legrand_21

56. This is the Spring

Gilbert Legrand_20

57. The Forked Biker

Gilbert Legrand_19

58. The Forked Boy and Dog

Gilbert Legrand_18

59. The Electric Man

Gilbert Legrand_17

60. The Domino Effect

Gilbert Legrand_12

61. Chillin’ out

Gilbert Legrand_11

62. The Pipe wrench

Gilbert Legrand_10

63. The Man on Fire

Gilbert Legrand_08

64. The Loving Dog

Gilbert Legrand_09


65. Loving Spoonfull

Gilbert Legrand_06

66. The Gardener

Gilbert Legrand_05

67. The Scissors Spider

Gilbert Legrand_03

68. The Vengeance of the Mosquito

Gilbert Legrand_02


These fun characters are so simple and yet so amazing.

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