Edible Art – These parents go the extra mile for preparing lunchbox

In our previous Edible Art story, we talked about a mother who prepares edible characters for her daughters for lunch at home. These parents take it to the next level and prepare lunchbox art for their kids to eat at school.



A mother of 2, 6 year old (Small Child) and 1 year old (Small Baby, as she refers to her children on her blog), Grace Hall from Hampshire, UK prepares lunchbox for her elder son everyday.


She has a blog – Eats Amazing on which she shares all her lunchbox artistic creations with the tools and the method to prepare the lunch box. She also has an online shop on her blog where she displays various tools such as animal picks, bento boxes, bento cutters and cute sauce and food containers for sale across UK. Wish, she had an international store. I would love to buy these tools and get to work.


Check out few of her alphabet and animal lunch boxes:





Lunchbox_14 Lunchbox_15












Another father of two from the UK, Mark Northeast creates flying saucers, crocodiles, flowers, piano, animals, cartoon characters like Spongebob Squarepants (which inspired his son Oscar to start eating Tomatoes) and many other designs with food for his children. He offers party catering services through his Funky Lunch company and conducts creative food workshops in schools. His books, Funky Lunch and Funky Party explain his way of creating artistic food. Find out more about him and his work on his website.


Lunchbox_27 Lunchbox_28 Lunchbox_29 Lunchbox_30 Lunchbox_31 Lunchbox_32 Lunchbox_33 Lunchbox_34 Lunchbox_35 Lunchbox_36 Lunchbox_37 Lunchbox_38 Lunchbox_39 Lunchbox_40

article-2212849-1557FE89000005DC-759_306x423 article-2212849-1557FF8E000005DC-84_306x423 lunchbox sponge lunchLunchbox_103 Lunchbox_86 Lunchbox_81 Lunchbox_42 Lunchbox_43 Lunchbox_44 Lunchbox_45 Lunchbox_46 Lunchbox_47 Lunchbox_48

Lunchbox_79 Lunchbox_50 Lunchbox_51 Lunchbox_52 Lunchbox_53 Lunchbox_54 Lunchbox_55 Lunchbox_56

Lunchbox_82Lunchbox_81Lunchbox_57 Lunchbox_58 Lunchbox_59 Lunchbox_60 Lunchbox_61 Lunchbox_62 Lunchbox_63


Beau Coffron, the Lunchbox Dad is a father of three kids from San Francisco Bay Area. His edible art has been featured in as The Huffington Post, ABCNews.com, Yahoo.comPEOPLE.com, and has been conferred with Reader’s Choice Top Food Blogger by Babble.com.


Lunchbox_49Lunchbox_65 Lunchbox_66 Lunchbox_67 Lunchbox_68 Lunchbox_69 Lunchbox_70 Lunchbox_71 Lunchbox_72 Lunchbox_73 Lunchbox_74 Lunchbox_75 Lunchbox_76 Lunchbox_77 Lunchbox_78

Heather Sitarzewski prepares these amazing cartoon characters for lunch for her son and posts them on her Tumblr Lunchbox Awesome. From Smurfs to Goofy to Donald Duck to Olaf, she has it all.

Lunchbox_87 0.Lunchbox_88 Lunchbox_89 Lunchbox_90

Lunchbox_41Lunchbox_91 Lunchbox_92 Lunchbox_93  Lunchbox_95 Lunchbox_96 Lunchbox_97 Lunchbox_98 Lunchbox_99 Lunchbox_100 Lunchbox_101 Lunchbox_102



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