Did you know these things about people with eyebrows

One girl’s “fleek” is another girl’s faux pas.

1. This is your Golden Rule…

Eyebrows 1

2. … this is your eternal struggle…

3. … and these are the truest words ever said.

Eyebrows 2

4. Picasso would be jealous of your pencils and brushes…

Eyebrows 4

5. … and your shaping tool collection would put an operating room to shame.

Eyebrows 5

6. But you’re terrified to overpluck…

Eyebrows 6

7. … because growing those shits back in takesforever.

8. Other people’s brows bother you way too much.

Eyebrows 8

9. Like, you want to go back in time just to ask Clara Bow, “Can you not?”

Eyebrows 9

10. Or ask young Brooke Shields, “May I?”

11. Hair extensions? Meh.

Eyebrows 11


13. If you have an eyebrow lady, you have an unreasonable attachment to her.

Eyebrows 13

Like, who needs a shrink? This woman solves all your problems.

14. And you will protect your investment in her services by any means necessary.

Eyebrows 14

15. Which is what makes this is the most relaxing thing you’ve seen all day.

16. Or maybe this.

17. You’re extra picky about your inner circle…

Eyebrows 18

18. … because you know how hard breaking up is to do.

Eyebrows 19

19. But if someone’s lucky enough to earn your love, they’ll earn your brow skills too.

Eyebrows 20

20. And that’s all that really matters.

Eyebrows 21

via – buzzfeed


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