50 Amazingly Creative Examples of Surreal Dark Art Form

An uncommon art form, which has gained immense appreciation in recent times, is surreal and the dark art. These two art forms have made it possible for artists to do anything they can think of, and that feeling of being different, can be expressed in such art forms.

Today in this article, we dedicate our time to surreal and dark art, I am sure you will like the creativity induced in every item of this collection. I cannot wait to see your comments and if you have any addition to making in this collection, then do send us your entries from the comment section.

1. Truth


2. Hope


3. Life Style

Life Style

4. A new life

A new life

5. A Fly In The Dark

A Fly In The Dark

6. La. Sirena

La. Sirena

7. Darkness


8. Myself Drawing Me

Myself Drawing Me

9. Ex Tenebris by Jonathan Chanutomo

Ex Tenebris by Jonathan Chanutomo

10. Fear of Light

Fear of Light

11. Take me and read.

Take me and read.

12. Jon Foster

Jon Foster

13. Brainwash


14. Not the Right Way

Not the Right Way

15. Alex Gotza.

Alex Gotza.

16. C O R E


17. Roman Klco

Roman Klco

18. Mobeydecker aka Paul Lee

Mobeydecker aka Paul Lee

19. Flying Brain

Flying Brain

20. Fly


21. Taxidermy Art by Polly Morgan via Haute Macabre

Taxidermy Art by Polly Morgan via Haute Macabre

22. Femme Arbre

Femme Arbre

23. Lost boat

Lost boat

24. Artist Antonio Mora

Artist Antonio Mora

25. Hope1


26. Deep Sea Project

Deep Sea Project

27. Midnight Charm: Alena Che

Midnight Charm: Alena Che

28. Lost Fairy

Lost Fairy

29. Departure of Winged Ship

Departure of Winged Ship

30. Lost Lenore – Shain Erin

Lost Lenore - Shain Erin

31. Under The Last Moon

Under The Last Moon

32. Atlas of Wander

Atlas of Wander

33. Smokin Skull by NKlein Design

Smokin Skull by NKlein Design

34. Souls


35. Save. Our. Souls.

Save. Our. Souls.

36. ‘The End’ by Michael Brack

'The End' by Michael Brack

37. When the darkness fades away

When the darkness fades away

38. Time


39. Tribal Skull by Ghostwolf82

Tribal Skull by Ghostwolf82

40. I will survive

I will survive

41. The cage

The cage

42. Santa Muerte

Santa Muerte

43. Mothman


44. The dream

The dream

45. Rose


46. Undecided


47. Nostalgia


48. Artist: Menton J. Matthews III

Artist: Menton J. Matthews III

49. Watching Dreams

Watching Dreams

50. Purse



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