DangerDust – An Anonymous Duo and their Guerrilla Chalk Art

Dangerdust is an anonymous duo of two female artists who are fond of knocking everyone over with their creative riot of chalk dust and lettering. These two mischievous students of Columbus College of Art & Design sneak into an empty classroom on the third floor of Crane Design Building at CCAD. They create inspirational quotes illustrations with chalk and chalk dust.

CCAD News interviewed the duo in which they quoted, “When you’re working on long extended projects for graphic design classes it’s easy to… lose motivation,” they said. “I think we’re tired of the computer, and [chalking] gives us motivation. I remember the first couple [chalkboards] we did, I didn’t think anything was going to happen, [but] people were like, ‘Yeah, I’ve seen that on Instagram!’” they remembered. “We get so giddy over 10 likes on Instagram.”

The duo completes each art work in one fell swoop which can take 6-11 hours without any breaks. (Except Dance breaks as they told Buzzfeed in an interview).

Their quotes are derived from current and historical sources; both living and dead. The quotes are as unique as the design. Their quote illustrations include various personalities like BanksyBill CosbyClaude DebussyCoco Chanel, Ellen LuptonJ.M. BarrieJessica HischeJohn LennonMaya AngelouNelson MandelaNicole JacekPaul KleeStefan SagmeisterTavi Gevinson and the list goes on.

Their love of typography is quite apparent in their very first chalkboard of Banksy; Speak Softly but carry a big can of paint, well, in their case, a big box of chalks from a dollar store as they like to joke about it.

Check out their collection of chalkboard art on BehanceInstagramFacebookTumblr and here.

Dangerdust -   Banksy Quote Illustration
Banksy Quote Illustration

Ellen Lupton illustration

Claude Debussy

Nicole Jacek Illustration

Tavi Gevinson Illustration

Stefan Sagmeister Illustration

Bill Cosby Illustration

Jessica Hische Illustration

Illustration close up

Chalkboard Art - Nelson Mandela quote

J.M. Barrie quote

Illustration Close up

Neil Degrasse Tyson Quote Chalkboard Art

 Illustration Close up

Dangerdust - Illustration - chalkboard

Dangerdust - Mark Twain Quote Illustration

 Dr. Seuss Illustration

Philip De Franco Quote Illustration

Julia Child Quote Illustration

 Coco Chanel Quote Illustration

 John Lennon Quote Illustration

  T.T. Williams Quote Illustration

Flannery O' Connor Quote Illustration

Paul Klee Quote Illustration

Check out this video of the duo while they create the Coco Chanel quote

The duo graduated from CCAD recently and has an Etsy store.

Share these amazing chalkboards; it is the best way to commemorate these mysterious crusaders of art.


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