Children Suffering from Down Syndrome Recreate Popular Paintings (18 Photos)

“Every human is a piece of art”.

Albanian photographer Soela Zani gives a new life to individual with Down Syndrome by recreating most famous paintings, and it’s been a great accomplishement.

Let’s not forget that the importance of family awareness and our attitude towards people who are different are great. To educate children and to provide the clear differences for individuals with special needs, to develop positive attitudes and behaviors of the adults of the future we have to create positive examples.

Because we are stronger than our differences, with more happiness.

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The Dancer

Famous art work 1

The son of man

Famous art work 2

Master John Heathcote

Famous art work 3

Prima ballerina

Famous art work 4

Miss Bowles

Famous art work 5

Julie Manet

Famous art work 6

Las meninas

Famous art work 7

The infant Samuel

Famous art work 8

The fifer

Famous art work 9

Gabrielle Arnault as a child

Famous art work 10

Boy and rabbit

Famous art work 11

Sister Tone

Famous art work 12

Paulo as harlequin

Famous art work 13

Master Bunbury

Famous art work 14

Child with dove

Famous art work 15

Clara Serena Rubens

Famous art work `16

Mr. Loulou

Famous art work 17

Harriet Ann Seale

Famous art work 18

via – boredpanda


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