Breaking Stereotypes with Art

Breaking Stereotypes

If you are a woman, there are always some rules and regulations or terms and conditions that apply to you. If you are in a workplace, you would be labelled as selfish or bossy or pushy and many other adjectives. People love to judge women for who they are, even though, it is none of their business.

Carol Rossetti is an artist who sketches what women have to face everyday owing to the gender baggage.

Her drawings illustrate that every woman has an identity, be it her behavior or her looks or her sexual preferences or her profession. She should not change her personality for anything or anyone.

She creates the drawings in English as well as Portuguese. Check out some of her drawings from the collection, Women in English from her Facebook page that truly are an epitome of breaking stereotypes in women.

1. Samantha, it is your hair. You can color them in rainbow, if you like.

Breaking Stereotypes


2. A tragedy can not overshadow your beauty. Run your wheelchair over the ones who reduce you to stereotypes.



3. In this one, her true identity will be reflected if this drawing has a face.



4. This drawing is dedicated to Whitney Thore who became popular for her ‘A Fat Girl Dancing’ video



5. Silvia, if you like you white hair, keep’em



6.  Mariana, you will look perfect in anything you wear to the beach.



7. Amanda looks amazing in her dress, who cares whether her legs are shaved or not.



8. Babi, the Karate Kid!




9. Bia, your interest in shoes and French literature go well together. Who knows, you will open a footwear store in Paris someday.



10. The Loboutins are made for you, Helena.



11. Marina, as long as you are comfortable wearing it, any dress would suit you body shape.



12. Well. Alice’s sex life in nobody’s business.



13. Jane, be body positive. You are a pretty lady.



14. Clara, your intellect has no relevance to+6 tour gender



15. As long as it does not affect your health, the reasons do not matter.



16. Any attire is perfect, Laura, as long as you like it..



17. Larissa, you are the only authority of your body and your identity.



18. Maira, I love your hair. Wish I could have hair like that.



19. Aline, you decide your sexual preference. Nobody has a say in it.



20. Camila and Patricia, ignore the world as long as you have each other



Shout-out to Carol Rossetti for these amazing drawings.

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