Bhangarh Fort, Most Haunted Place of India

Rajasthan is known for its deserts and forts. Yet, while you go gaga over the wonderful excellence and loftiness of its strongholds and royal residences and fortresses that, despite everything stand enchanting, there is one spot that can totally transform your trip. Visit Bhangarh Fort, which is the most madly Haunted Places in India. Situated near the outskirts of the Sariska Tiger Reserve in the Alwar region of Rajasthan, the Bhangarh Fort is not for the cowardly. Listed as one of the Most Haunted Place in India, and the world, it can give you goosebumps just by its insignificant story. No vehicles are allowed to enter the fortress, and you will be welcomed by another storing in the wake of strolling down a short distance that says that you are forbidden to enter borders of the haunted Bhangarh Fort before dawn and after dusk. The bloodcurdling Bhangarh Story and startling facts about the Bhangarh Fort will give you sleepless nights.

History of Bhangarh

Bhangarh was a thriving town during ancient times. This fort was built by one of the nine Ratnas of Emperor Akbar’s court, Madho Singh for his son Man Singh 1, Bhangarh Fort was a symbol of beauty and power. It is said that more than 10,000 individuals used to dwell in Bhangarh before it was supposedly left deserted! Remaining in ruins, this 400 years of age terrific building and the spread town around it owe their current state to the forlorn Bhangarh Story that fixed its ill-fate. The story about this fort will send a chill down your spine. There have been two different stories told by locals regarding the doomsday for Bhangarrh Fort. Let’s throw light at them:

  1. The Curse of the Guru: Regardless of whether you trust in curses and prophecies or not, here’s the terrifying story behind the fate of Bhangarh. As the legend goes, the land on which the Bhangarh Fort lays standing was at one time the home to a puissant abstinent, named Guru Balu Nath. Madho Singh thus tried to take his due authorization before developing the fortification and was even allowed one, anyway, on one condition. The guru set a condition that the shadow of the post should never fall on his home or, in all likelihood, incredible catastrophe will unfurl. Yet, oh dear, an aspiring successor of Madho Singh overlooked the alerts braced Bhangarh Fort with higher dividers. Accordingly, the shadow overwhelmed the home of the abstinent, and consequently, his curse engulfed the entire of Bhangarh! But this is not the scary one.The other is said to be scarier than this one.
  2. Curse of Necromancer: Another story tells about an alternate and an all the more terrifying story behind the fate of Bhangarh. According to the stories among the locals, there was a princess of Bhangarh, named Ratnavati, who was supposedly an amazingly beautiful lady. Mesmerized by her dazzling magnificence, a necromancer in the locale began to love her. So as to get her, he put a spell of dark enchantment on the oil that the princess should use for kneading. Be that as it may, before his messy ploy could work, Princess Ratnavati got a whiff of his duplicity and lost the enchantment loaded oil onto an immense rock in the region. This was the point at which the doomsday clock of Bhangarh Fort and the entire town was set in a commencement. The dark enchantment worked its direction and made the rock pulverize the necromancer to his demise. In any case, before breathing his last, he reviled the whole town of Bhangarh, struck somewhere near anguish and wretchedness, to gradually surrender to its express devastation simply like him. Demonstrating his fearing final words right, the following year itself, the leader of Bhangarh endured cataclysmic destruction on account of an adversary. His whole armed force was destroyed, and all occupants of the Bhangarh were ruthlessly slaughtered. While the destiny of the princess is as yet a secret, it is said that she was sentenced to meander in the regions of Bhangarh stuck in limbo. It is stated, the entirety of the individuals of Bhangarh can, in any case, be heard in Bhangarh Fort at Night; destined to wait right now, never to leave the cold environs the place, restless and hopeless.

Haunted Boards: Presently, there may not be ‘Haunted’ written in neon on the boards at the site, yet without a doubt, the steady request by ASI (Archeological Survey of India) to leave the premises before nightfall clearly demonstrates something. There have been numerous episodes of civilians getting lost and even deaths in the fort, henceforth the precaution.

Roofless Houses: The secrets of Bhangarh don’t appear to stop. When you visit this ghostly spot in Rajasthan, you will become more acquainted with what we mean. Each house situated in the whole region is roofless. Truly, no house at all has a total rooftop on its head. It is predominant that the savvy who reviled the town to its definitive annihilation is liable for it. According to local people, it is difficult to develop a rooftop on these houses, and when one is assembled, its breakdown, which has executed numerous individuals before.

It is totally forbidden to remain inside Bhangarh Fort after sunset. ASI has set up boards at many spots in Bhangarh against remaining in the premises after dusk and before the sun rises. You can hear peculiar clamors from inside the post premises during evening time, and the air gets accused of uncomfortable heaviness. It is said that spirits wander inside the closed gateways at these hours, and the spot turns into a hotbed for paranormal activities. In fact, if local people are to be believed, whom so ever has endeavored to remain back in the stronghold or the close by territory after dim, has never returned to tell their story.

Archaeological Importance: Obviously, each of these stories is terrifying; however, don’t let them convince you not to visit the superb site. It might be legendary to be home to supernatural phenomena and sightings; however, it is likewise the home to scores of striking archaeological structures. The Johari Bazaar, lovely sanctuaries, forcing fortification, and Dancer’s Haveli are the leftovers of a brilliant past worth seeing.

The locale may have increased such prevalence because of the entrancing Bhangarh Fort Haunted Story; however, without a doubt, it is considerably more than simply that. Bhangarh, which is considered to be a problem area for paranormal activities, likewise happens to be a center point of archeologically significant discoveries. As related by archaeologists, the district has uncovered many stone paintings, tools, and carvings of the early men in the zone. Lord Someshwar temple situated close to Bhangarh Fort is likewise found to be the spot for normal spring and even waterfalls.


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