Best Sleeping Product of 2016

We asked the BuzzFeed Community what one life-changing item they wish they’d owned sooner. Here are the products that make their z’s totally A+.

1. Luxurious sheets:

Amazing 1

“The first night with our beechwood cotton/modal sheets, my husband (who thought it was ridiculous to spend more than the going rate on Ikea bedding) fell into bed and exclaimed, ‘Holy shitsnacks, it’s like a damn cloud!’” —elleedee

These come in 15 colors.

2. And straps to stop the bunching:

Amazing 2

“They make these clips that go on fitted sheets to keep the sheets on the bed. They have made my life so much easier.” —Kburdy

Get them here.

3. A memory-foam or cooling pillow:

Amazing 3

“I get excited about going to bed every night and sleep like an angel.” —Lela Rice, Facebook

These got good reviews.

4. Actually, a U-shaped pillow for your whole body:

Amazing 4

“For anyone with chronic pain, getting to sleep is a minefield of uncomfiness. This makes it so much easier on my hips; I just latch on like a koala!” —Nina Childish, Facebook

Get all snuggled up here.

5. A light-blocking and otherwise wonderful sleep mask:

Amazing 5

“My DreamTime sleep mask. It’s lightly scented and padded. It keeps all the light out and feels like a cozy cloud on my face every night. I absolutely cannot sleep without it.” —Caitlinjennifer

Grab it here.

6. A perfectly squishy mattress topper:

Amazing 6

“A memory-foam mattress topper. I sleep so solidly now, I don’t even move until I wake up again.” —saraha68

Here’s one buyers like.

7. Or, for the winter months, a heated one:

Amazing 7

“There is nothing that make you feel better after a long day than curling up in a warm bed. It fixes all problems.” —Katie Knight, Facebook

Check this one out.

8. Unless a heated blanket is more your style:

Amazing 8

“I come home and turn it on a bit before bedtime and I am encased in a warm burrito of cozy.” —erp271

Find a cuddly one here.

9. A comfort-enhancing humidifier:

Amazing 9

“Because what better way to moisturize while sleeping!” —jackiew417d8e970

This cutie comes in four colors.

10. Or an aroma diffuser, if you’re feeling fragrant:

Amazing 10

“I use lavender oil in it every night and I’ve been sleeping like a damn baby.” —Beanie LeBean

Get a good ‘n’ smelly one here.

11. A massage unit for your mattress:

Amazing 11

“There’s nothing more relaxing after a long day.” —marianneg6

Take a look at this one.

12. Something that provides white noise:

Amazing 12

“A Dohm sleep machine — I cannot sleep without it. They last for years, and no imitation sleep machine comes close.”—michelles51

Find one here.

13. Or a different kind of noise:

Amazing 13

“My Sound Asleep pillow. I listen to the radio in bed to help me sleep and it doesn’t disturb my husband — except when I listen to a quiz program and mutter the answers to the questions out loud.” —cathh

Say what? Here’s where to get one.

14. Or no noise at all:

Amazing 14

“Earplugs ensure a great night’s sleep!” —meganh42d10b7f3

Here they are.

15. And, for when you absolutely have to stop sleeping, a sunrise-simulator alarm clock:

Amazing 15

“It makes getting up before dawn every day way easier.” —alexk44dd26f11

Wake up refreshed with one here.

via – buzzfeed


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